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It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change.

- Charles Darwin (proabably!)

Whether you have just bought your first bike or have been racing for years, there is a podcast out there so full of intelligence, knowledge and heart that it transcends listener experience. The Cycling360 podcast is FOR YOU and if you haven’t heard it yet, I hope after reading this your next step be strapping on your ear goggles.

Before we get into this I just want to clear up any preconceptions you may have with my reasons for writing this and my legitimacy as a reviewer. Some may say that promoting something your boss has helped create may seem pretty sycophantic… but luckily for me Darryl isn’t my boss… he’s a friend. And he hasn’t asked me to write this article, so you can rest assured this is an independent review by a listener and a fan. As for my legitimacy as a reviewer, I’m not quite sure… we’ll find out!

The Review Show

Darryl 'The Boss' Kotyk

The Cycling360 Media team is made up of Darryl ‘The Boss’ Kotyk, ‘Coach’ Rob Grissom and Victor ‘The Bike Guru’ Jimenez and each of these experienced gents are aiming to use their podcast, “to make you a better cyclist”. With such a sweeping proposal it would be easy for the casual listener to write it off as hyperbole, but this podcast really can hold its head above the parapet. I regularly listen to cycling podcasts, I have quite a few favourites but most of these are produced in the UK. I think the main reason for preferring the smaller number of UK produced podcasts is the relevance it has to me as a rider this side of ‘the pond’. As cyclists we go through very similar experiences wherever we are riding and these should easily transcend the medium of podcast but unfortunately I’ve been left feeling unaffected and bored by most American podcasts I’ve listened to.

Victor 'The Bike Guru' Jimenez

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