Creating the Ultimate Cycling City

Ultimate Cycling City

Have you ever stopped to think of all the great things you’d include if you had the power to design your own city?  Well, if you’re a passionate cyclist you’d definitely want that city to cater to your love for the bike, and I know you’d make it as bicycle friendly as possible.

I asked our #bikeschool community this question when I hosted class recently and the responses were awesome.  One of the most interesting replies came from  Vince Marotte who shared this incredible video by Bill Nye.  In it, Bill explains all the cool bicycle related concepts and engineering he would incorporate into his ideal city of the future.

I love his wind tunnel idea, and totally agree that many of these concepts would be much cheaper than building more roads.  Here’s a few other ideas shared by my #bikeschool friends.  Have a look at what they would want to include in their ultimate cycling city and then share your ideas with us as well.

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Your Turn

If you could build the ultimate cycling city, what kinds of things would it have?

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  • Mark Beaconsfield

    All fantasic ideas. If they created the Ultimate cycling city, there would be only one thing I would add……. ME!!!!

  • Ezra Rufino

    I love Bill Nye, he’s so cool and just brings back all the memories of learning science with him on TV as a child!

  • Karen

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually could create our own city for cycling. I like the ideas from Bill as well as those from twitter. I would add that there would be safe streets so that locks were never necessary.

    • Ezra Rufino

      I was in Basel, Switzerland this past year and one thing that absolutely amazed me is how few bikes were locked up. Bikes everywhere without locks! It was a revelation.

      • Darryl is Loving the Bike

        Yeah, now that would be awesome. Not only are great riding conditions important…but keeping them safe is a great thing as well.

  • B Jermaine

    Lots of coffee shops and taco stands. Bike parking at every store. Bike roads for cyclists only.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Great ideas…..let’s make it happen.

  • Josh

    My ultimate city would be for bikes only. No cars allowed. It would be designed so that it would be easy to ride a bike and therefore get more people out riding. I like the ideas from Bill Nye, I think he’s onto something.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      No cars allowed would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? Yeah, Bill Nye is fantastic.