Off the Grid Update

I pedaled on for miles through the darkness feeling great depths of sadness.  When I ended the call it was pitch black and I texted John to let him know that I am still riding and I will make it to his home tonight.  I needed the comforts of a home and a hug from a friend to help cure my sorrows and bring me comfort.  As I texted him a great deal of confusion ensued and I realized I was not on the road anymore and I was in the ditch on the opposite side of the road.  Very confused but still on my bike I managed to stop safely before hitting anything and simultaneously coyotes began to howl all around me.

I pulled myself out of the ditch and continued on. I had no lights on as the batteries were dead and shortly later was blinded by the flashing red and blue lights of a police car.  Wes, the officer, was very friendly and wanted to make sure I was safe but at the same time in my sorrowful state the flashing lights of the police car were not comforting and added to my disorientation. I wrangled up some rechargeable batteries from my pack and was on my way.

The dagger still in my heart, I felt like I couldn’t go on. Hopelessness overwhelmed me.  I knew I must go on and I knew a positive attitude and a smile would overcome sorrow and despair.  Looking at it from a different perspective I could see light beginning to shine upon me.  Wait, is that a headlight?  No! It is a light representing a new beginning.  With every end there is a new beginning.  I shed an unneeded weight that was holding me down and now I am free!  The inspiration flowed back into my body and a smile grew on my face.  Just five minutes prior I felt like my world had ended.  This is proof that life is a matter of perspective and as I’ve said before happiness is a choice.

I continued on 10 more miles to Steam Boat Springs through the darkness and the cold and was welcomed by my fellow Wisconsinite, John Miller.  He welcomed me into his warm home and I sat down on his comfortable couch where I ended the long day 97 miles down the road from where I had started.

Photo by Brent Martin

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  • Donna

    Why a dagger in his soul and sadness?

    • Rob Greenfield

      Why love of course! I am fine though, no worries.

  • Joel Phillips

    Cool…I am glad you are going to be updating us on Rob’s ride. I couldn’t agree more, happiness is a choice, and once again a bicycle brings balance to life. Radicool!