The Continental Contrast of a Rain Ride

Denver Rain

Sometime I lose touch with how awesome it is to live in the metro-Denver area and be loving the bike.  The extensive trail system and bike lanes make the entire city a haven for cyclists of all abilities, from training wheels to titanium wheels, the Denver area is an extraordinary place to ride.

I was reminded of this with Darryl’s post From Drought to Downpour; my knuckles turned white as I read about the conditions, then thought about riding in Grenada during a rainstorm.  Still, it has its allure; that intensity and total concentration to maintain control, similar to bombing down a mountain pass at 57mph I’d imagine.  I love riding in the rain here, it’s as different an experience as the culture and surroundings between Denver and Grenada.

Bob Marley QuoteA little less than a month ago I was about 15 miles from home, riding toward that direction, when I was caught in a Mile High City monsoon.  At first I was annoyed, I was getting wet and I didn’t like it at all.  First my shirt, then my shorts finally my socks…once my socks were soaked my attitude took a turn for the better.  I giggled, I was soaked and riding the same direction the storm was moving.  Side note here, I wasn’t riding toward dry, but was riding with the wind.  I began to embrace the rain, feeling it fall off of my face providing a sense of rejuvenation.

Unlike in Grenada, I was on a bike trail, far from traffic and all to myself.  As I looked around, I wasn’t the only one being rejuvenated by the storm.  Birds of all kinds spreading their wings and lengthening their necks upward as they ruffled their feathers and danced some kind of avian rainstorm ballet.  The trees and grass turned more green right before my eyes.  I felt total harmony, with my environment and my bicycle.  I couldn’t tell you what was on my mind, because quite frankly I think my mind was totally in the moment.  Is that a Zen experience?  I’ve never had one before, but I’ve never experienced anything quit like this during a ride.  By the time I arrived home, the rain had stopped and I was drying.  What a rush, I felt totally fresh and my bike even looked happy.  I’ll have to do some singletrack during a rainstorm; I bet that changes the game…

Happy Riding…


  • Eric Hutchins

    I love to ride in the rain as odd as that sounds.