Win 2 Entries to The Hotter’N Hell 100 Ride

Are you ready to bake in the hot sun while riding along 100 Miles of beautiful terrain in Wichita Falls, Texas?  The 2012 edition of the Hotter’N Hell ride (HHH) is taking place on August 25th, and over the past 31 years it has become the talked about cycling event to take part in.  The HHH is one of the oldest and largest cycling events in the United States and we’re here to motivate you to join in this year’s events.

Have a look at what Bethel Strong and Sherry Potts have to say about this ride….and if their testimonials don’t entice you to take part, then we’re offering up two free entries so that you and a friend can get registered and ride together.  Oh, and in case 100 miles of riding in the heat scares you too much…they also have shorter route options as well.

For more information on how the Hotter’N Hell 100 got started and about all the other events that go on in Wichita Falls during the week of August 23 to 26, visit their website at

Bethel’s HHH Experience:

I entered the 2011 Hotter “N Hell 100 (30th Year Anniversary for the ride) and had never ridden it before. I was 55 years old at the time and always want to push myself to stay in shape.  I want to do as many things possible while I’m still in good enough shape to do it.  My body and father time will let me know when to stop.

I went there on Friday, one day early so I could get a good night sleep to be ready on Saturday morning start.  In the morning they gave us the option to start at 6:30 (normally starts at 7:30), due to the expected EXTREME HEAT.  Well, I opted for the 7:30 start because I wanted the full experience of the Sheppard airforce base jets flying over.  Now that was cool.  Glad I waited.

We finally got started and there were, my best guess just under 14,000 riders, all sized, shapes and ages.  Never doing this before I wanted to stay in as straight of a line as I could to avoid a crash.  I also wanted to ride at 15 mph, to pace myself and conserve energy for the entire 100 miles.

The heat reached 109 degrees and it became the Hottest Hotter ‘N Hell in their 30 year history.  Lots of people were having heat issues with their body, and had to be taken from the ride.  I thought, PEOPLE IT’S CALLED THE HOTTER ‘N HELL FOR A REASON–ITS HOTTER ‘N HELL OUT HERE!!!   Oh well, more road for me to ride on with them all gone.

It was real cool that when you ride through all the small towns, the business and the people at their homes will all wave and cheer you on, plus they will SPRAY YOU WITH THEIR WATER HOSES, of course I made some circles and went past them a few times, they thought that was funny. Felt GREAT!!

I found out that the cold dill pickle juice they handed out at the rest stops is pretty good.  Seems like the rest stops were all in competition with each other and had several themes at the stops.

The ride is mostly a flat road surface and very small inclines, maybe a 2%-3% grade for about 2 miles.  Really not a bad ride at all, just Very Long and Very Hot.

When I finished, it was real hot, but I had cold chills on my body, because I felt so proud of myself for doing it.

I was keeping my family informed by text during my ride and my oldest daughter (Amy) was actually crying throughout the day, because she said that she was so proud of me for doing things like this.  She said I was the coolest dad.  My whole family praises me for what all I can still push myself to do at my age and also having asthma.

Bethel Strong – Forney, Texas

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