Look Who’s Loving the Bike: January 2012

Happy New Year everyone.  At the top of each month we like to feature the amazing stories and memories of people who are loving the bike.  Please take a look at what our December 2011 lovers have to say.  Hey…..and we’d love to hear from you as well.  Feel free to submit your “Look Who’s Loving the Bike” story to us at any time.

Bart Yasso – Emmaus, PA

For more on running icon and cycling lover, Bart Yasso, check out his website: www.bartyasso.com.


Jakob Færch-Jensen – Denmark

“I ride because that’s what I’ve always done. We’ve never had a car, so summer holidays as a kid was on our bikes, with bags and tents and sleeping bags and whatnot. The 8 km when I started in highschool, was done on my bike. The 22km when I got my first job after highschool in ’95, was done on my bike. Mostly through the forest -and that’s when I got my first mountain bike, a Scott Tempico.

By the time I was 31, I swapped my day job for an apprenticeship in a small bike shop specialized in hand building mountain bikes and road bikes for people who wanted that something extra it is to be able to decide which forks, cranks, wheels and frame to get for their money. And within the first 3 months, I’d gotten 3 more bikes -a Surly Karate Monkey, which I built as a 29′er singlespeed, a Voodoo Wanga 26″ singlespeed built, and an old steel road frame, which also got the singlespeed treatment.

I was hooked. On steel frames and singlespeed. And bikes of all kinds!

Now that I’ve got kids (2 boys, age 1 and 3) I don’t ride as much as I used to, but me and my girlfriend still got 3 bikes each and the oldest is on his second -and we’re planning on taking the kids on a bike trip next summer.

The Surly is now converted to a fixed everyday bike, with Mary bars (On-One again), mech. front disc brake and a trailer for the kids. The Voodoo sits in the basement and dreams of the trails. As do I -although not in the basement, mind you!

I ride because I must. I ride everywhere. It’s not a question of money or environmental issues or health. I’ve just always ridden bikes. It has become a habit, like breathing or eating or sleeping. Something I have to do to survive. I’m a bit more alive on a bike. A bit happier. No, not a bit -a LOT happier.”

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