Thanksgiving with Duzer and Nick

If you don’t already know about Ryan Van Duzer, I suggest you check this guy out.  He’s a “super charged, life lovin’, bike ridin’, bean eatin’, goofball with a passion for adventure and saving the world.” This righteous dude is everything Loving the Bike is about.  He’s currently cycling across the US with Nick Albini who was one of his co-stars in last year’s Out of the Wild TV show.  Ryan is also the host of the upcoming television series called Paradise Hunter and will definitely been seen on many more productions in the future.  Nick is currently taking a break from celebrity life, but keep an eye out for him as well because he’s a great guy who’s going places.

We’re thankful that Ryan and Nick could take a couple days off from their cross country journey to stay with us and share in some good times.  I’ll have more on Duzer in the near future, but for now here’s a little video from earlier today:

For more on Ryan Van Duzer check out or  To see clips of Nick and Ryan in Out of the Wild, visit the Out of the Wild – Venezuela website.

  • Scott V

    Oh yes, I have seen Duzer in action many times.  I enjoy his website and watching his adventures.  I also watched them on out of the wild.  Have fun with those guys and tell them Scott in Washington thinks they are very cool.