3 Things That Put People Off Cycling


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By coming to this website, you are probably a cycling enthusiast. Riding a bike may be second nature to you, whether you use your two wheels for exercise, pleasure, or your daily commute to work.

If you do ride your bike regularly, you will already have an understanding of the benefits of cycling. You will know that the fresh air is great for your mental health and if you have lost weight and improved your muscle strength, you will know that it’s great for your physical health too.

For many people, cycling is both great fun and an excellent way to exercise. However, some people decide not to get on a bike at all. For all we know, you could be one of those people, despite our assumption that you might be a keen cyclist.

There are some common things that can put people off cycling, and these include the following.

#1: The weather

There’s nothing quite like a bike ride on a warm and sunny day. But what about those days when it’s cold, wet, and windy outside? These are the days when cycling becomes much less appealing so many people decide not to bother. There are other ways to get fit, from using fitness equipment at home to spending time in the gym, so there isn’t a need to exercise outside when the weather is miserable. 

If this is something you can relate to, then fine. Cycling when the weather is particularly bad can be dangerous so it is sometimes safer to exercise indoors. However, if you decide not to cycle because the temperature is chilly or because it is raining, you might be missing out. You can add extra layers of thin clothing when it is cold outside so you don’t have to use the colder climate as an excuse not to cycle. And you can buy waterproof cycle gear too so the rain doesn’t have to be a hindrance. 

So, while the weather can be a common reason not to cycle, know that it doesn’t have to be a major problem unless conditions outside make getting on a bike completely impractical. 

#2: The risk of an accident

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Bicycle riding doesn’t have to be an extreme sport so provided you cycle safely, you should be able to avoid an accident. Of course, that’s not accounting for other road users. Bicycle accidents often occur when motorists fail to see cyclists, hence the large number of injuries and fatalities every year on the roads. We aren’t only talking about moving vehicles either as cyclists can be knocked off their bikes when drivers or passengers of a stationary car open their doors without checking for a passing cyclist first. 

Still, accidents can happen to anybody, regardless of the activity they are taking part in. People who run, walk or jog can injure themselves and so can people using gym equipment if they don’t take due care. So, while there is the risk of an accident when cycling, this shouldn’t be the sole reason to give up on the idea of a bike ride.

To protect yourself, check out these cycle safety tips. Make sure your bike is properly maintained too as this way, you will have a safer ride if your bike is in working order. And if you’re worried about other road users, cycle in a quieter area of town, such as your local park or on roads where there are dedicated cycle paths. 

#3: A lack of confidence

“It’s as easy as riding a bike” is a common phrase that you may have come across during your lifetime.

But while bike riding is easy for some, there are other people who struggle with this activity. It might be because of a lack of balance. Or it could be because they tried cycle riding when they were younger and experienced failure.  

If you’re relating to this, you should adhere to that other common phrase: “practice makes perfect.” Find a quiet area where you can practice without the prying eyes of others as this way, you won’t have to suffer embarrassment if you do mess up. You could also ask a friend to help you if you can pluck up the courage to admit your struggles or you could take a bike riding class with other people suffering from confidence issues. 

So, don’t give up! If you can master the skills of biking, you will experience a range of health and fitness benefits and you will probably have a lot of fun too!

Final word

If you’re a regular cyclist, the issues we have presented here won’t be a problem for you. But in the event that they have put you off, we hope that we have encouraged you to give cycling a try regardless. It’s a pastime that many people take part in for both fun and exercise so consider the possibility if you have put off the idea of cycling till now. 

Enjoy Your Ride
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