7 Reasons Cycling Is Good for Your Overall Health


Biking or cycling evolved from what was once thought of as a necessary alternative form of transportation to a modern recreation, exercise, and even sport. With all the things mentioned above, there are still so many reasons to get on a bike and ride to your heart’s content. If you’re curious why biking is good for you, then take a look at the list below.

Zaps a Few Pounds Off

Since biking is an exercise, weight loss is a natural consequence. Biking helps burn calories and works on the different muscle groups of your body. Additionally, it also helps tone your muscles, giving you a lean and firm form.

According to studies, biking can burn off at least 400 calories per hour, depending on how intense you do it. The most effective way to keep up with the weight loss is to eat well. A healthy diet of lean protein along with fruits and vegetables will not only refuel you after a day of exercising, but will also promote muscle growth and healing.

Improves Your Posture

Even if you’re seated all the time when biking, it actually helps you better your posture. When you ride a bike, you actually have to balance yourself so you won’t fall over. You’ll notice you’ll sit and stand straight after you’ve taken biking as a hobby or recreation because of strengthened body muscles brought about by coordination.

Lower Impact Than Other Exercises

Although biking is definitely a strenuous exercise and sport, it is surprisingly easier on your toes, knees, and hips compared to others, especially running. The reason for this is that the bike takes most of the impact. Your legs may be moving, but the movement and transition are smoother because of the involvement of the wheels of the bike, whereas running takes a lot more toll on your knees and ankles.

Although injuries caused by overusing the bike are not unheard of, they’re less common than those caused by other sports. If you’re an athlete or marathoner recovering from an injury, biking is more forgiving on your body, especially your joints, so you get cardio without aggravating your injury.

Makes You a Better Navigator

Since you’re on the road so much with no place to anchor your phone for Google Maps, biking sharpens your navigational instincts and improves your general sense of direction. Unless, of course, you have GPS for your bike.

Getting out to explore sparks your sense of adventure, so it can be easy to get lost. In case you end up biking all day and you need to find your way back with dusk approaching, it is a recommended to invest in an LED safety belt to let other vehicles know that you’re there.

Improves Mood

There are so many factors that make life stressful, so it is important to have an outlet to ease the mounting of stress. There have been studies pointing out that biking can reduce stress and improve one’s mood.

If work is one of your stressors in life, it may be a good idea to bike to work if it is possible. Not only is biking free and enjoyable, but you will also be less tense when you actually get to work because you get to exercise on your way there.

You will greatly benefit from the rewards of the early-morning exercise throughout the day. The blood flow to the brain will help you become alert and make good decisions through tasks. You also depend less on caffeine because of improved energy levels.

Saves Commute Time

Since biking is a legitimate form of transportation, there’s no reason you shouldn’t use it if you are able to. It actually helps you save time versus when you use a car to go to your destination. You don’t have to contend with traffic as much especially if there is a dedicated bike lane.

It’s also less costly too considering that you use your own legs to power up the bike. You don’t have to pay for gas or to park anywhere. Biking also makes you more environmentally friendly because of lesser carbon footprint.

Reduces Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer Risk

Biking and many forms of exercise greatly help in reducing your risk for cancers and cardiovascular diseases. The constant movement raises the heart rate, improves blood circulation, and burns calories. The NHS has actually recommended biking to be one of best exercises to combat any of the fatal diseases mentioned above.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

The physical and mental health benefits come as a bonus reward if you truly enjoy biking for leisure. Driving a car can seem the most adult thing to do, but it can get old really fast especially when you have to deal with traffic every day. Biking, on the other hand, can still be enjoyable, especially if it means you get to go on roads less taken.

Why do you bike and why do you enjoy biking? Share your thoughts below.

Enjoy Your Ride
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