7 Top Cycling Tips For Newbies


The fact that the gym may be closed due to Covid-19 doesn’t mean giving up the quest to stay fit, and you can try biking as an alternative. That said, cycling is not always full of fun for newbies. As a beginner, you may get thrown off your bike with the least mistake, which may make you feel discouraged. But with a little help, riding a bike shouldn’t be a hell of a task. Follow this ultimate guide to bicycle riding to unlock your cycling skills.

  1. Acquire your bike from a local store

Despite the Covid-19 shutting down businesses across various industries, bike shops are still open for business in many parts of the world. This provision caters to the needs of fitness freaks, doctors, nurses, and all bicycle lovers who can’t afford to forgo cycling. A bike shop near you may offer you a cool discount on your order. You will also find a variety of styles to choose from to fit yours. 

  1. Adjust your seat height appropriately

One of the secrets to comfortable cycling is making sure the saddle of your bike is not too low or high. When the seat height is too low, you will find that it decreases your paddling range and the power of legs. On the other hand, high saddles will force you to be straining, which can lead you to injuries. So, adjust your saddle height such that when your feet reach the bottom of the stroke, you feel comfortable, not painful. In addition to setting your seat height correct, adjust your handlebar to match your taste. Bike riding shouldn’t hurt you at all. But if you find that it hurts your back, report to a biking club, or an expert, and they will help you adjust your bike.

  1. Learn how to repair punctures

A flat tire is the last thing you want to experience your first time (or any other time) cycling. Well, bicycle punctures occur once a while, and they can happen at places you don’t expect, leaving you stranded with no air to roll your tires. To avoid the inconveniences that come with bicycle punctures, you have to be a bicycle mechanic on your own. Fixing a puncture requires you to have basic tools such as a tube, a bicycle pump, and a tire lever. Still unsure of how to fix a flat tire? Head over to YouTube or Google for answers.

  1. Sign up for a cycling club

Join a team of avid cyclists and let their motivation and experience be your lesson notes. Depending on your location, cycling clubs may organize group rides for newbies. And that’s where you will have the most fun learning and exhibiting your riding skills. It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience in bike riding or not. Join a club, and experts will guide you to overcome your deep fears 

  1. Change gears when necessary

Modern bicycles come with a lot of gears that will need shifting now and then. For example, when you’re cycling uphill, you may want to minimize your effort by shifting into lower gears for easy paddling. On a flat road, you can crank up the gears onto the larger chainrings to clock breath-catching speeds. In the beginning, practice riding on flat terrain to accustom yourself to the gears. You will gradually get better at choosing gears to increase your range and comfort. 

  1. Wear your cycling gear

Preparing yourself to be a great cyclist also involves having the appropriate attire. While you usually hope to enjoy your every ride, you can never tell when a fall will catch up with you. Wear your helmet, knee pad, and all the necessary protective cycling attire. These will cushion you and decrease the severity of a bike injury. The weather is another factor worth considering when you’re going cycling. Layer your clothes to suit different weather conditions from hot to cold.

  1. Carry water bottles plus food

Hunger and thirst can mar an enjoyable cycling experience, and one of the worst feelings you can run into is dehydration. When summer comes around the corner, you may have to pack water bottles, snacks, and supplements from brands like 1Up Nutrition. Supplements give you the energy for your cycling journey, so carry your electrolyte drinks and supplements along with you.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with just a step. All cycling professionals once started from beginner levels to reach their heights. So, don’t hold back on your decision to buy a bike, and don’t forget to have a good time.

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