8 Things to do When You have Sore Cycling Muscles


So, you have overdone it on the bike, and all you can do now is lay around and tend to your sore muscles.  Well, that is not necessarily a completely bad thing.  We have compiled eight things you can do when you have sore cycling muscles.


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1. Get a Massage
Wellness is not for sissies anymore.  Massages and Wellness parlors have popped up everywhere over the last ten years and it is in fact a very lively and very healthy thing to do.  So, seek out the next wellness oasis.  Your muscles will thank you for sure, and you’ll be fit again much quicker.




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2. Train your Brain
Well, your body has let you down, but what about your brain? Did you know that a fit brain and a fit body are directly related?  When did you do your last mental exercise? Can’t remember? Then maybe it’s time.  Do a crossword puzzle, train your brain with games or simply read a good book.





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3. Relax your Brain
Are you not well enough to even flex your brain muscles a little? Well, then don’t.  Just lie on the couch, catch up on your TiVo list or play a video game. If you like to hold up a sportive appearance, there are sport games and even a sport gambling app offers that will entertain you and keep you in the right mindset to climb back onto the saddle quite soon.




4. Get a little “Schadenfreude”
You need a laugh? Try “Schadenfreude”.  It is quite astounding how entertaining it can be to watch bikers do the crazy things they do.  There are thousands of funny and/or amazing biking videos out there.  Just check them out, and you will feel better.  Laughter is after all the best medicine.

Image source: Trailheadbikeshop.com

Image source: Trailheadbikeshop.com

5. Buy a New Bike
Perhaps it wasn’t you that caused your sore muscles, but your old bike?  Perhaps you need a new one?  Today, bike shopping is as complex as buying a new car.  Even if you do not need a new bike right now, it is always good to see what’s new and what you may need in the future.





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6. Become a Biking Writer
Your fingers aren’t too sore to type, are they?  Why not use the downtime to join the many bike bloggers and writers on the net?  There are many interested bikers with stories to tell out there, so why not join them if you have some cool things to say or some useful information to share?





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7. Get Some Work Done
Yes, we know, sore muscles are bad enough without having to work, but did you do your taxes already?  You know, these pesky thing you always put off until the last minute.  So why not get a head start this year and have more time later on when you are fit enough to bike again?  It might not make your day better, but it holds great promise for future weekends, don’t you think?




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8. Get Cozy
So you’re too sore to get on your bike, but does that mean you can’t take a short vacation?  With your significant other perhaps (he or she has some pity for your conditions, right)?  Why not use the time and book a nice week-end getaway with your loved ones?  This is the best way to lighten your mood. Just relax and you will be up and about in no time.

Enjoy Your Ride
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