Adelaide’s Top Biking Trails Newbies and Pros Will Surely Love


If you’re a mountain bike owner and is living in Adelaide, then you are one lucky bloke. If you’re from outside the city – or abroad, fear not, simply visit and you’re in for some of the most fantastic bike rides of your life.

What’s in Adelaide you ask? It boasts some of the most accessible urban trails and quality biking trails nearby for those with great endurance or even rarer locations for those who will bring a vehicle to take them.

Time to get your wheels ripped and experience first-hand the natural beauty of Adelaide’s biking trails.

Cobbler Creek. The slopestyle jumps track here is hugely popular for both beginners and seasoned cyclers. With three different difficulty levels available, you can work your way up to the big stuff.

This cycling park is also great for families. Introduce them to Cobbler Creek Recreation Park’s Beginner Circuit or Easy Does It trail. You can also join bigger kids on the Jump Tracks in the Peddler’s Paddock.

Introduce your family to mountain biking via the ‘Easy Does It’ Trail or Beginners’ Circuit at Cobbler Creek Recreation Park, or join the big kids on the new Jump Tracks in Peddler’s Paddock.

Cleland. Give yourself a visual treat by exploring Cleland Conservation Park with your bike. The extensive track network will give you a hard yet rewarding ride. If you’re a complete newbie, then it’s best to take it easy and slow.

As a side trip, go climb the Chambers Gully and Bartril Spur Track to Cleland Wildlife Park. Next, continue up to Mount Lofty Summit to relish the breathtaking view of the Adelaide plains before going down via the Wine Shanty Trail.

Sturt Gorge. This brochure-worthy location offers over 40 kilometres of single track. Cycling here is an awesome way to explore Adelaide’s natural heritage. Relish in the race-ready trails in the Craigburn Farm area, or try the long ride all the way around the gorge.

O’Halloran Hill. Time for you to experience the 8kms of spanking new trails that was recently opened at O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park. Steeper parts are used in the new trails to provide some great downhill action. Trails range from beginner through to intermediate and advanced. What’s great is that these trails are just the beginning since there’s more to come at one of Adelaide’s newest urban mountain bike park.

Ready, set, cycle!

There’s more to Adelaide than what’s laid out in this article, that’s for sure *wink* – more splendid biking destinations just waiting to be discovered by those who are curious enough to look. Also, booking a car or campervan for rarer or more remote destinations will reward you with even more fantastic trails and experience. So, ask car rental providers if they have bikes racks that would support your bike during the journey.

Found a bike trail that suits your fancy? What are you waiting for then? Prep your gear and start planning together with your riding buddies. Remember to keep your options open while you’re in one of these locations. Who knows, you might find a fork in a road that leads to a rare biking trail.

Want to know more about this city? You can learn more about Adelaide here through DriveNow. This company provides travel tips and guides for adventurers like you. You can also compare car rental rates to help you get affordable car rentals if you want to bike around more remote places around the area.

Enjoy Your Ride
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