Allconnect Lets You Know Whether You Are Getting the Best Deal on Cable and Internet


For many cyclists at this time of year, it too cold to ride so they need to get their fix by watching cycling videos on TV or researching the latest cycling news on the internet.  But if you haven’t noticed, it can be quite expensive to use these services.

It is not all that often that I think of myself as being cynical, but I have certainly felt that way recently when evaluating the rates I pay for services like TV and Internet.  I am currently locked into a “promotional” rate for two years, which led me to wonder why I had to commit to the service for such a long time in order to get a deal that was presented to me as an incredible bargain.  After all, if it really was such a great bargain, why would I want to opt out of the deal in the first place?  Once I performed a little research, I discovered that my cynicism was not unfounded at all, and Allconnect helped me realize that I could pay much less for remarkably similar services.

Allconnect Price Comparison

I happened upon Allconnect by accident, but I quickly found that this “multi-channel marketplace” allows any consumer to compare a variety of services currently available in their area. When I entered my zip code, I discovered that there were several different cable and Internet options at my disposal that would save me a great deal of money if I was not already locked into a two-year commitment with my current service provider. While I started out just looking into the cost of cable and Internet in my particular area, I also found that it was possible to compare rates on a variety of other services as well, including utilities and home security.

It is hard to say I am really displeased with my current services. After all, I get 275 channels that include a number of premium channels like SHOWTIME, HBO, STARZ, Cinemax and Streampix, not to mention the bevy of sports channels that go beyond ESPN’s offerings to include NBATV, MLB Network, NFL Network, NHL Network and even NFL RedZone. That package seemed more than fair to me when Comcast XFINITY quoted me $99.99 per month for the first year (before taxes and other fees). Though it seemed to be quite fair, had I checked with Allconnect before I signed on the dotted line I would have cut my costs in half.

After using Allconnect’s site for the first time, I found that Dish offered a similar package to my current one for just $44.99 for the first year (I am sure that rate is also before taxes and other fees). Not only does the Dish package I found through Allconnect also provide access to HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ and Cinemax, but it also offers a total of 290 channels along with BLOCKBUSTER @Home and an unbelievable array of movies and TV shows available for streaming through any number of mobile devices, including laptops and tablets.

The deal is such a bargain that I am seriously considering paying the penalty for opting out of my current contract, especially since I am reasonably sure that once I crunch the numbers I will still be saving quite a bit in the long run. Even if the opt-out is too cost-prohibitive for my liking, I am absolutely sure that the moment my contract expires I will be heading back to Allconnect to make sure I really get the very best deal available for cable and Internet. With an easy-to-use site that allows you to compare and contrast prices for all sorts of services, I hope that other consumers will take advantage of Allconnect’s site before making the mistake I did by signing any sort of long-term commitment for cable TV and Internet services.

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2 Responses to “ Allconnect Lets You Know Whether You Are Getting the Best Deal on Cable and Internet ”

  1. Matt on January 7, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    The problem with such services and apps is they assume you are comparing apples to apples when in fact if you compare Xfinity to Dish they are very different technology platforms and most would argue hardly comparable. Beyond that, these services (Allconnect) also don’t look at corporate “standing”. Many states AG’s (Attorney General’s) have an issue with Dish and others on there rate structures. Don’t mistake this for saying Xfinity is honest, they are not. But DISH has a reputation for a slowly increasing fee that becomes extreme rapidly. Dish or satellite service is seldom of equal quality or reliability as internet based, but sometimes it is. The bottom line is do you really need 275 channels? And if so, you need a life. As long as ignorant Americans and others continue to pay outrageous amounts for services and things we don’t need, they’ll continue to sell them and increase the price. We keep consuming at our own peril and then have to work more to earn more to afford it all, and then we have no time or energy to enjoy it. Its really a sick situation. Just thinking about it make me…..sorry….I need to go for a bike ride. Later

    • Darryl on February 15, 2016 at 8:12 am

      That’s some good feedback, Matt. I hope you had a great ride.


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