Bicycle Floor Pumps with Attitude


Product-floorpumps-Alloy1If you’re a road cyclist, I sure hope you own a floor pump.  You’d be surprised how many cyclists I talk to that don’t own one.  Actually, a floor pump is a must no matter what kind of bike you ride.

So if you don’t currently own one, or if you’re in need of an upgrade, what should you look for in your floor pump?  Come on, these are pumps….what could possibly be different from one to another?

It’s personal preference, but you have to remember that all pumps are not created equal.  Like with most things, you get what you pay for.

Pumps are not very expensive, so pay a little extra and get a good brand name and a pump that will last.  But even with that said, there are a couple things I recommend in a pump.

Gauge – Not just a gauge, but a big ass gauge.  When you’re quickly pumping your tires you want to easily be able to read where it’s at, and a big read gauge will make that happen.  Lezyne’s Alloy Floor Drive comes with an oversized 3.5″ precision gauge, and works great.

Lezyne Digital Floor PumpYou can also get a digital read out gauge if that’s what you’re in to.  The Steel Digital Drive floor pump by Lezyne is the first digital pump I’ve ever had and it’s nice.  Make sure the digital read out is able to catch up to your pumping, and you’ll be able to pump to the exact inflation you want.

Okay, so what exactly gives these Lezyne pumps attitude?  They are insanely solid, have great features, and will pump the crap out of anything you connect them to.  Definitely more attitude than many of the other pumps on the market.  Check them out.


Enjoy Your Ride
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2 Responses to “ Bicycle Floor Pumps with Attitude ”

  1. Eric Hutchins on April 30, 2016 at 8:33 am

    Excellent Review.

  2. Gerald on April 26, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    Thanks Darryl,
    A bicycle pump is one of those things most people never give much thought to. And it is this, right here, why I love cycling so much.
    I bought a Silca pump back in 1994. This is when they were still being made in Italy. I remember I was working at a bike shop, and with my discount, it was still expensive. Other than my Park tools, this is the only piece of gear I have in service of that era.
    In that time, the hose cracked and sprung a leak. I lost one of the chucks I used for disc wheels. The bushing in the original chuck wore out. And the barrel began to loose pressure.
    I have spent less than $50 over the past 22 years servicing this pump with original parts. And it works like new.
    Silca is now owned by the folks who brought us Zipp Wheels and are made here in Indiana. To replace this floor pump with a new Silca would cost me over $500.
    Now, I know that there are a lot of these Silca’s out there. It is not that special. But it is special to me because of its simplicity, durability, and serviceability. So well engineered.
    I’m sure you are like me and use your floor pump with every ride. Like I said, most people would not give it much thought. It sets the tone for each ride knowing that at least my tires are inflated to my precise pressure while I try and ride with the same grace and simplicity as my floor pump.
    Thanks for sharing why this piece of equipment can have such attitude. You rock Darryl.


    March 2024
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