7000 km Bike and Bass Tour


7598289_orig“The bike and bass tour is an attempt to travel the globe with my bike and my bass guitar – I want to share the joy of life and passion for music.”

My friend, Felipe Gomez from The Bass Invaders, embarks on his second Bike and Bass Tour on July 1, 2014.  With only his bicycle, his bass guitar and a lot of determination, Felipe will be cycling more than 7000 kilometers from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada to St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada. Along the way he will be playing shows, facilitating ‘bass ninja’ workshops and raising awareness and funds for United Way Saskatoon and Area. Felipe’s no stranger, however, to such adventurous and grueling trips – last summer he cycled 3000 kilometers from Tofino, BC to Saskatoon on a similar tour raising money for Autism Speaks Canada.

“I am a life enthusiast, a music lover, a teacher and a traveler.  When I say I love music, I am sharing with you all the music that I have created in the last ten years, countless hours of practice, the elation of playing full crowd shows, yet also playing empty bars where, if there wasn’t a bar tender, I would be playing for myself.

When I was first new to music I didn’t think there was much too much to learn. I now embrace the idea of perpetual learninghowever, when I first started playing music I was not a natural! All the other kids were learning fancy chords, and I was struggling to even tune my guitar.  But the innocence of youth gave me the tenacity to pursue music and I became the player I always wanted to be.  

I wanted to be a bass artist.  My dad suggested I became a music teacher. At the time, I wasn’t really convinced, but now I know it was one of the better decisions I have made.  By teaching, I learned to also be taught (and so began my perpetual learning with music).  As a consequence of that something called life, I accepted a position teaching kindergarten in Canada.  I became fascinated with the kids’ carefree attitude and lack of fear about the future.  This inspiration became one of the main motivations leading me to complete my first Bike and Bass Tour; a solo bike ride across western Canada, as a fundraiser for Autism Speaks in the summer of 2013. On my next Bike and Bass Tour I will travel 7000 kilometers by bicycle to promote the United Way and raise money for Early Childhood Education. I believe that good quality education for kids is a fundamental pillar to equal opportunities for the adults of the future.

I am a traveling man, thirsty to see the world with my own eyes!  Music has been my translator, my chef, my ticket to other countries, and my best friend.” ~ Felipe Gomez

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnCTNHMyE1s’]

Felipe Gomez is originally from Chile, he holds a Bachelor of Education degree and has taught at Alerces Spanish Preschool & Kindergarten for the past 3 years.  Felipe is one of the few bass players who fronts his own band and can put on a show with only a bass. His nickname is Eddie Van Halen of the Bass Guitar.

For more information or to follow Felipe’s bike and bass adventure visit his website at www.bikeandbasstour.ca  or click here to donate to United Way.

– Myron

Enjoy Your Ride

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2 Responses to “ 7000 km Bike and Bass Tour ”

  1. Eric Lund on September 2, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    Hi Felipe,
    Hope you enjoy your ride-safe travels!

  2. Eric Hutchins on June 25, 2014 at 10:31 pm

    The is AWESOME. As a Bass guitarist I love to see someone who treats it as a beautiful instrument onto itself as opposed to something that is just for accompaniment.


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