Cities You Should Explore Only on Bikes


Okay, well all cities are better when explored on a bike but some are better than others.  On a bike, you can explore places more easily, feel the fresh air and it is beneficial for your health. It will be fair to say that the best way of exploring any place is by biking around on open roads. There are certain cities that are better to explore by bike only, as biking is easier and more convenient in these cities.

Austin, Texas
Austin is a city worth exploring by bikes. It has everything from free music festivals, UT campus, eye-catching bike art like the worth watching Austin Bike Zoo. You are bound to enjoy the Austin city on your bike. It has probably the best biking tracks. A bike path you should definitely try is the Lady Bird Lake path. It is a 10-mile loop trail along the reservoir. It is famous because of its breathtaking views of the city.

Copenhagen, Denmark
One of the most bike-friendly cities in the world is Copenhagen. This naturally beautiful city is worth exploring by bikes. Biking is the most popular mode of transportation here. There are special lanes for bikes which are slightly elevated from the streets and these lanes have special traffic signals. There are many rent-a-bike shops as well. The spare OEM parts for motorcycles and bikes can be easily purchased from the easily available motorcycle tire shops. Because of so many cyclists; the car traffic in the city is very less. You can keep it going miles and miles on your bike enjoying the scenic views without having to worry about the traffic.

London, England
A large expensive and full of the rush city is what London is. So, the Londoners have found cycling as an alternative to traveling in the metros. This not only helps in saving money but is healthy as well. Apart from the economic point, London is a city with many iconic sites that are worth seeing. You can reach them by using metro or buses but cycling is the best way to reach them quickly. You can easily get a bike on rent for £2/24 hours plus the first 30 minutes are for free. These are nicknamed Boris Bikes after the mayor of London Boris Johnson.

New York, New York
New York City has a lot of riding options for bikers. It has many attractive bikes trails that you can explore. The most popular tourist attractions are from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Governors Island. The path every biker should see is the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway. It is a 32 miles long track of paved lanes, there’s a special lane for bikers along the shoreline of Manhattan. You can enjoy the amazing views of NYC without worrying about the traffic in NYC.

New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans is a city that should be on every biker’s Bike-it list. As the land in Orleans is flat it is ideal for biking. Biking in New Orleans is a great way to move around and explore the area, with its vast neighborhoods. There are many lanes reserved for the bikers on the roads due to which moving around the city has become much easier. Some of the places worth exploring on bike are; Live Oaks at the Audubon Park, biking on the levee of the Mississippi River. You can also explore the bike path from the French Quarters along the Lafitte Greenway to the City Park. This is a 9-mile long biking route in which you can have full NOLA experience. There are a number of cafes, shops, and musicians on this route. You can easily spend the whole day exploring New Orleans by riding on this route.

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