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downloadI’ve talked many times about Creating Your Own Culture, and I’m still a firm believer that everyone should have the confidence to be able to do that.  But there’s also the idea of creating your own attitude.

I don’t know about you, but my mood and vibe can be drastically affected by those around me and how I’m treated.  When I’m around fun loving people I am relaxed, happy, and on fire.  When there is negativity around me or someone who is trying to drag me down, I’m nothing like who I want to be.

How can these outside factors have so much control over my mood?  I know that it’s up to me, but that’s easier said than done.

I honestly don’t know the answer and have yet to grab a hold of this one, so I did a simple Google search.  Here’s three simple techniques to help us out:

  1. Label what the other person is feeling – This distances you from the other person’s emotion and gives you time to pause and determine your reaction to it.
  2. Build a wall of positivity – Surround yourself with positive people…..and as many of these people as you can.
  3. Build immunity – Strong self esteem can go a long way in preventing the negativity of others to permeate your personal space.

Oh, and I’ll add in one more of my own.  Focus on the things in your life that you love the most.  Spend more time doing those things, and less time in situations (and with people) who are downers.

Here’s to a fantastic week.  #MakeitHappen.

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4 Responses to “ Create Your Own Attitude ”

  1. Gerald on May 13, 2016 at 8:48 pm

    Great post Daryl,
    I am reading this book called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and there is an idea that you are what you think. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Many people believe that this is just an expression, but it is not. It is a fact.
    Imagine those negative people. What are they saying? What are they thinking? Is it any wonder that nothing goes their way? Bad luck always seems to find them? That persistent positive thought tells the brain than you are “already in possession of the material thing which you are demanding.”
    If you hold on to a dream, like living in a tropical paradise, creating a blog community, or good health, you have to create a positive vision in your mind.
    If, for example, you hold the belief that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you never seem to be able to achieve your fitness goals. So what do you do? You skip that bike ride, you have a McDonalds double cheeseburger, chase it with a few Budweisers, and binge watch a season or two of real housewives.
    Now, that may seem funny or ridiculous to you and me. But this is what people do. They lose hope. When things get hard, when they fail, fear tells them everything will be okay if you just sit down on the couch and distract yourself with something, anything.
    I know this because I did this for years before I woke up.
    Dream big. Hold on to it. Create a burning desire for this dream. Your friends, your neighbors, your family will tell you that it is foolish and unreasonable. They will tell you politely or not so politely to forget it. You will tell yourself it is unreasonable. And we have to be unreasonable if we are going to create something great for ourselves.
    Daryl, you never spend any time thinking about why you can’t do something because you have already achieved it in your mind. And that is what creates all the wealth in the world.
    Thanks again for the great post Daryl.

    • Darryl on May 13, 2016 at 9:38 pm

      You’re a good man, Gerald. Thanks for your support and the time you take to add to posts like this one. Dream Big. I read Think and Grow Rich years ago. Good stuff.

  2. Victor on May 10, 2016 at 5:49 am

    Nice post brother. This simple line helps me. “forgive them, they dont know what they are doing”. In other works they (we) dont realize the consequences of our negativity and in words and actions.

    • Darryl on May 13, 2016 at 9:39 pm

      That’s why I call you the Guru, my friend. You’re full of inspiration and good stuff.


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