Good Weather Turned Bad


Okay, so what do you do when you’ve been out riding for the past month and all of a sudden you’re sent back in to winter in just a turn of a day?  Well for me it entailed a bunch of “I can’t believe this”, “WTF”, and “I can’t freaking believe this”.

Riding season 2010 came quite early for us central Canadian riders, and that first ride this year felt amazing.  I had just went out for a fantastic ride on Thursday in temperatures in the low 70’s (20’s in celsius).  It was quite windy, but I just focused on the nice warm breeze.  Little did I know that the big winds were blowing in a whole lot of nastiness.  I woke up Friday morning to a light sprinkle of snow and the day just got incredibly worse as it went on.  It’s days like this that has prompted me to look elsewhere for my place in the sun and for a home where weather is not in control of my yearly riding.

Okay, seriously, what can you do?  Well for me I had committed to #30daysofbiking in April so this weekend I’ve had to resort to doing miles indoors so I can stay true to that commitment.  It’s also got me more motivated to finalize our plans of getting relocated to a place where I can cycle year round and my family can live our lives outside the house.

My fellow cycling blog friend, Mjo had a similar experience just last week in Quebec and I know any Canadian rider reading this can totally relate to the agony that comes when the weather wreaks havoc on your cycling plans.  My plans for a big ride went totally out the window and I couldn’t even look out the window without boiling over.  My wife and I seriously shut all the blinds so we wouldn’t have to see what was going on out there.

I was born in this climate and have lived with it for too many years. I’m giving it all I can to avoid this in the future, and I sure hope it all comes together soon. I am extremely fortunate in so many ways and my focus for now will be on those attributes…..while I work on correcting this one as well.

What are you fortunate for?  Help me focus on all the positives by supplying me with the things you are most grateful for.  I know I’m grateful for good cycling friends like you.  Thanks for your gracious support.

Enjoy Your Ride


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2 Responses to “ Good Weather Turned Bad ”

  1. Andrew on April 13, 2010 at 8:32 am

    I agree with Sabinna, the weather in Taiwan has been great. I put down 225km on Sunday in weather so hot my forehead was saltier than a margarita glass. Taiwan has excellent cycling weather. Taichung is the best. Taipei is as rainy as Seattle.

    Sabinna, you and those Canadian expats should join us for a ride.

  2. sabinna on April 13, 2010 at 2:57 am

    None of these sorts of weather probs where I am-Taiwan. Many Canadian expats call it home here btw. Only thing is summer can be a challenge on account of the heat. And typhoons. Still cycling in the early morning or late afternoon gets around the heat. And typhoons dont bother us all that much or for very long when they do.


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