How to Care for Yourself After a Bicycle Injury


A bicycle injury can leave you in a lot of pain with difficulty moving, which is pretty awful, especially for those who enjoy the wind in their hair while riding down clear paths. The best thing you can do in this situation is taken as good care of yourself as possible, and here is how to do so. 

Get Lots of Rest

Trying to walk around and pushing yourself too far will only prolong your injury, so make sure you’re getting adequate rest for your injury. It might feel infuriating, especially as somebody who enjoys exercise, but the more you rest, the sooner you’ll be back outside. 

Find Activities that Use Your Brain 

Seen as you can’t move your body as much, why not exercise your mind? It’ll keep you occupied while you’re waiting for your injury to heal. You could play video games, solve puzzles, or simply get into reading. 

If you’re a bingo fan, have a look at for some of the newest sites. There is always something to do, so even though you can’t ride, you can find a way to pass the time. 

Listen to Your Doctor 

The most important piece of advice is to listen to your doctor. Whatever they say goes, and that includes how much you should move, what you should eat, and what medications you need to take. Ask for them to write everything down so that you don’t forget, and follow their instructions.

If your injury is bad enough, you might need a physical therapist. If this is the case, then the same rules apply – perform all the exercises your physical therapist assigns to you, and keep them up to date on your progress. 

Find Easy Meals

While you are injured, it might be difficult to cook the meals you’re used to, so have a browse for easy-to-make, healthy recipes. During this time, you might even discover some new foods you never thought you liked! If you do cook, you should also batch cook, as it’ll provide some meals for the freezer for the days where you don’t feel like moving too much. 

Keep a Water Bottle at Hand 

Keeping hydrated is essential, so make sure you always have water to hand. Purchase a large one to minimize the number of times you have to walk to and from the kitchen. The only other problem here is needing the bathroom too much, so remember to take small sips! 

Keep Up with Friends

Don’t isolate yourself while injured. Even if most of your friends live far away, keep up with them online or over the phone. That little bit of company can lift your spirits and is essential if you live alone. Even if you have company at home, it’s healthy to have outside interactions too! 

Read Bicycle Blogs

If you’re missing being out on your bike, then quench your riding thirst by reading up on bicycle blogs. You might not be able to pursue a new biking route, but you can enhance your knowledge of bikes while you’re at home. 

Injuries are always difficult, but it makes it worse when all you can think about is being back on your bicycle. Listen to your doctor, get enough rest, and keep your mind occupied, and before long, you’ll be outside once more. 

Enjoy Your Ride
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