How to Recover from a Cycling Crash


A cycling accident could affect you in a variety of different ways. It cannot only cause you to take a break from riding in order to physically recover, but you might also struggle with confidence issues after an injury.

Rather than allowing a crash to stop you from getting back onto a bike, you must look for ways to rebuild your strength, confidence and motivation as soon as possible. To ensure you’re riding again in no time at all, find out how to recover from a cycling accident.

Listen to a Physical Therapist’s Advice

Many people are often more than happy to pay for physiotherapy sessions to improve their physical health, but they will fail to act on the advice they are given by a physical therapist. If you want to be back on your bike sooner rather than later, you must follow every instruction you are given to support your recovery.

Rebuild Your Strength

View a cycling injury as an opportunity to return even stronger. While it might not be time to hop back onto a bike, there are ways you can strengthen your core and upper body strength. Focus on activities that will boost your strength and stability; for example, you could lift weights at a gym, undertake strength training, or you could even swing PXG fairway woods clubs on a golf course to boost your physical strength and endurance. You’ll feel stronger than ever once you climb back onto a bike.

Fuel Your Recovery

Many cyclists believe they need to dial back the calories to match their smaller activity levels following a crash, but this can be a mistake. Your body will more than likely be craving additional energy and nutrition to repair itself following an accident. It might, therefore, be wise to add an extra serving of protein onto a plate each day following a collision, as the macronutrient can effectively rebuild your muscles and bones.

Take Care of Your Body

The recovery period will provide you with a prime opportunity to practice self-care. Take the time to rest your mind and body by elevating an injury, booking a restorative massage, using recovery tapes and accessories, and performing gentle stretching exercises.

You also should distract your mind from the collision by reading a good book, watching TV and spending time unwinding with your loved ones. Remember, your body is working harder than ever to restore your bones and muscles, so don’t push yourself too hard and ensure you don’t undo your improvements to-date.

Don’t Avoid Your Bike

While a cycling accident might have been traumatic, you shouldn’t allow the incident to stop you from stepping back onto a bike. The longer you leave it, the less confidence you will have once your foot hits the pedal as the crash will be heightened in your mind. So, once a physical therapist says you are ready to do so, climb back onto your bicycle and start pedaling. However, bear the mistakes that led to the accident in mind to avoid a similar event in the future. If you don’t manage to get back on track on your own, consider getting in touch with a psychiatrist to work on conquering your fears.

Enjoy Your Ride
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