Living Smart When Biking Hard


Coming from a small town with little in the way of cycling consideration, it’s no surprise to find out that not everywhere in the country loves to ride a bike. While some people prefer to sit comfortably in their mega-sized SUV’s, there are those of us that would rather get a good exercise in on our way to work and eat something nutritious as opposed to fast food burritos in the morning.

Thankfully, more and more cities around the United States are adopting these healthy living ideals as they convert themselves into bike friendly communities complete with separate lanes. With  so many now choosing to hop on two wheels and seize the day, there are a lot of smart living options on the horizon for anyone loving their bike.

Change On The Horizon

Older and younger generations alike are adopting this wonderful lifestyle change, catching the attention of city planners and apartment communities around the nation. From the East to West coast you can find like minded apartment communities that put a focus on providing amenities for active lifestyles.

While some are slower to change than others, the vast majority of cities have become increasingly pedestrian, handicapped, and bicycle friendly. With this noticeable change in the public’s desire to live well and conserve resources comes a change in the way people in those cities live, especially in California.

Not just a change in the way they get around, but a change in the places they live. Most notably, the string of Carmel Apartments has been making incredible strides to support this increasing demographic of progressively minded individuals.

It’s All In The Amenities

Location is, of course, by its very nature incredibly important depending on the kind of biking you prefer. Some locations will be better suited to the mountain biker, while others are far more accommodating to cruiser and road bikes. No matter which you prefer, there are plenty of amenities at these apartment communities to help you make the most of your active lifestyle.

Bike storage is a given these days from low end to high end, but thoughtful consideration in the features of the community are what set these places apart. Top notch kitchens with qualified chefs cater to healthy eating choices that give bikers the fuel they need to take their ride to new heights. After a long day’s ride, there are also plenty of options for soothing relaxation like rooftop pools and yoga studios.

Each location is its own entity, meaning they all have different features, but every site has feature community areas where you can connect with other like minded individuals. When moving to a new location, it isn’t always easy to find others who share your passion for biking, but Carmel helps to make that easier.

Plenty Of Places

These eco-friendly communities are all around California from NorCal to SoCal, and each is located near major work hubs as well as fantastic outdoor routes. You can get a better idea of how these locations take your lifestyle into consideration by visiting either The Glen’s website at or The Loft’s at and maybe seal your decision to move.

Times have changed as more and more cities are adopting bicycle friendly attitudes, as well as the places to live within them. If you have been looking for a new, like-minded place to call home, then you may want to consider these progressive communities.

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