Look Who’s Loving the Bike – April


Alison Hill – Oxford, UK

“Being brought up in Cambridge I was on my bike around the city as far back as I remember.  But I was say that The Netherlands is the best place I have ever cycled. We didn’t even need a cycling map as we could be so sure that there would be paths alongside any road or canal. But we have had many memorable rides in this country on our wonderful national cycle network.”

@Strick9 – Austin, Texas

“My favorite kid “first bike” memory was getting my sweet Tornado bike & rolling away from the house. Getting 1st taste of freedom.  My first adult “fave bike” memory: Getting road bike, going up hill near the house, almost killed me. Now roll up it effortlessly.”

Anibal Martinez – Blackman Eddy, Belize

Andrew Kerslake – Taichung, Taiwan

I am an American expat living in Taiwan, which is great for a bike lover as Taiwan is where many of the finest bikes are designed and produced. Furthermore, the landscape is truly spectacular.  Taiwan is 70% mountainous with peaks that reach from sea level to nearly 14,000ft. within 30 miles.  You can ride from the beach through the subtropical jungle and into an alpine meadow within the course of a day’s ride. There are surprises beyond every hill as tiny roads creep along hillsides into hidden valleys and along river banks. The people in Taiwan take an almost personal pride in bicycles, with Giant turning out the majority of frames worldwide.  It is not uncommon to have people share food and drinks with you when you are out on a long ride. There is always a friendly wave or a car load of people who want to root for you… even if you are just on a recovery ride.

My best memory of riding in Taiwan was the glorious morning my riding buddy and I crested the Wuling Pass. After a day of climbing to 8000ft. we awoke to the brightest sunshine and climbed the remaining 3000ft. It looked like something out of a European grand tour. We then rode an additional 60 miles home as fast as we could go on weary legs taking turns pulling. The rush lasted for days.

Enjoy more Taiwan cycling stories from Andrew at www.taiwanincycles.blogspot.com.

Simon Vollam – Czech Republic

One of my favourite cycling memories is about my brother. When he was about ten years old, our parents decided to buy him a new bike for Christmas. When we all rushed downstairs to open our presents on Christmas morning, the bike was hidden behind the curtains in the living room. All of us knew it was there except my brother, who didn’t see it even though it was protruding rather obviously into the room. He did notice, however, that he had far fewer presents under the tree than everyone else. The downcast look on his face suddenly turned to delight when, eventually, the curtains were drawn to reveal a shiny new Raleigh Grifter.

The only problem then was that he couldn’t go for a ride because there was snow on the ground (a rare occurrence in central England even in the days before global warming). Bing Crosby might have been dreaming of a white Christmas, but my brother was praying for a thaw.

Postscript: My sister (rather cruelly) pulled the same trick on her young son last Christmas. And again, snow and ice stopped him testing out his new machine once he had found it!

Simon’s Czech adventures are at www.circuitridercz.com.

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