Priorities and Core Values


Core Values and Priorities

Last week a good buddy of mine said to me…“If you’re as busy as you say you are, how can you get out there for all those long rides?”“Priorities, my friend”, was my simple reply.

In essence there are only three main ingredients that fill my days….Family, Cycling, and Work.  If I’m good with those three then I’m doing alright.  This blog contains a little bit of all three categories, so you know it’s definitely up there on my priority list.

Everything else gets done when I have the time, but the only thing on my mind each and every day is making sure that my core values get satisfied.  What are core values, you ask?  It’s my personal list of my absolute most important things.  For me, they include everything from getting in my ride to spending the day in shorts, sandals, and a t-shirt.

But how do I do it?  Well, I’m far from having it all running nice and slick….there are definitely days when I don’t feel that I spent enough time with my family, or felt like I was running around in 10 different directions without really getting anything done.

It’s one of those, I’m a work in progress things..

But what does seem to work is this:

Being aware and focused on my core values.

Being totally in the moment.

When I’m working, it gets my full attention.  It’s my goal to spend each and every working moment being productive so that I can accomplish as much as possible during that time.  If I’m with my Family, I need to be 100% with them.  Not checking messages on my phone or computer…and being completely in the moment. When I’m on the bike….it’s all about the bike.

I do find however, that when I’m out cycling my mind is constantly coming up with cool ideas for posts, tweets, and also ideas for my day job as well.  I guess even Einstein knew where to find his inspiration:

I thought of that while riding my bicycle.

– Albert Einstein

I love being in the moment when I’m out riding, but I also really enjoy it when I’m out there and my mind is racing with thoughts.  I often wish I had a voice recorder with me to make sure I remember what I was thinking during a ride.

Us humans are incredible beings….if we push ourselves, there is so much more that we can accomplish.  With clear priorities, good focus, and passion we are able to take on the world.

And win.  #MakeitHappen

Enjoy Your Ride
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4 Responses to “ Priorities and Core Values ”

  1. Guido on April 14, 2015 at 2:11 am

    Hey Darryl , great little blog. Good to hear someone talking about core values and doing it too. Keeping our lives focused and simple in our modern day society is not easy. Well not for me anyway. Guido ,

    ps weather starting to improve in Scotland , alas not shorts and sandals just yet…

    • Darryl (@lovingthebike) on April 14, 2015 at 7:25 am

      You know it, Guido. Not easy, but so beneficial. I hope it warms up there soon, my man.

  2. Bethel Strong on April 13, 2015 at 12:42 pm

    1.Family always FIRST.
    3.Play, Cycling, tennis etc..

    People tell me that if I spent more time working I would make more and be higher up the ladder. I tell them, I don’t really care about that as much as I care about my family.

    Bethel Strong

    • Darryl (@lovingthebike) on April 14, 2015 at 7:24 am

      Good list and great to hear you talking about Family First. You’re an awesome man, Bethel.


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