That’s Ok.

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Kits on sabbatical.

I haven’t seriously ridden a bike in three weeks, and that’s ok. By seriously ridden I mean riding with the intention of getting a workout, and not just trying to survive. I rode on Sunday, but wasn’t feeling well so I made it 25 miles before calling it quits. I thought about riding during the week, but honestly I was more interested in getting work done.

It’s officially That Time of the Year. Every year, around this time, I lose motivation to ride and just say ‘eff it’ for a month or so. This mental off-season usually starts around Halloween and lasts until Christmas or so, when I get back to my usual ride six-days-a-week routine. Ok, so maybe it’ll be more than a month this year.

Some possible causes for the early start include: my usual riding group fizzling a bit, sick on-and-off from the smog and work is thankfully getting busier. I say thankfully because I work for myself, and if I have too much freetime it means I have too few dollar, dollar bills, y’all. With some new projects coming in, starting up a group for fellow freelancers and taking a couple online courses, not to mention pledging to write a novel in November (eek!) I’m fine with cutting down on the cycling until things calm down, or I go insane and cycling is the only cure.

I know one day when it’s all snowy back home and still in the 90’s here I’ll wake up and think, I’m going for a bike ride, and it’ll be like I didn’t miss a beat. That said, next week we’re flying to Cambodia for a few days, and the owner of the villa we’re staying at has decided to take us on a mountain bike tour around Angkor Wat. I think I’ll need some motivation to ride for that.

Do you have an off-season? How do you manage it?

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3 Responses to “ That’s Ok. ”

  1. Eric Hutchins on October 29, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    :), words I need to remember. That’s OK. good stuff.

  2. Darryl on October 28, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    I’ve created a lifestyle that give me a year round riding season….and I love it that way. Here in Grenada the weather stays pretty much the same during the year so I don’t have to think about winter kits or clothing at all, and can ride in great weather all the time.
    I know that taking time off during the year is a good thing, but I honestly haven’t been able to convince myself to do so. From time to time I feel like I need a little break, but usually only take a few days off from riding.
    I hope you get your motivation back soon, Ashley.

  3. Haison on October 28, 2014 at 10:04 am

    Once it starts to get cold, I usually spend more time at the gym to strengthen up the core for next season.


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