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Okay everyone, I sincerely need your help.  My friends over at Please Be Kind to Cyclists has asked me to create a yearly fundraising event for them and look after putting it together and organizing everything.

Like most things I do, I want this to be something that creates such a buzz that not only those from Austin will be taking about…..all cyclists will take notice.  But I need your help.

What are some of the best events you’ve ever taken part in that were in an effort to raise funds for a cycling organization? Better yet, what unique ideas do you have in your head that have not yet been put into reality?

There are several reasons I’m excited about this project.  First of all, being able to raise money for an organization that I respect and believe in is incredible.  Working on this with one of the most incredible people in the world, Al Bastidas, is another one.  Being able to travel back to Austin to host the event, is a definite plus as well.

Okay, so let’s hear your ideas.  I’m open to anything and looking forward to putting this whole thing together.  Oh, and if any of your ideas are selected and used for this event…’ll be compensated with a cool gift as well.

Please list your event ideas and suggestions below:

Enjoy Your Ride


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4 Responses to “ The Coolest Bike Fundraising Event Ever ”

  1. Mark H on October 13, 2013 at 10:48 am

    Info On A Great Fund-Raiser, That’s Free For Loving The Bike To Join and That Allows ” Giving Without Giving ”

    Dear   Staff:

    I’m sharing this info with you & your organization, because I believe in your cause. 

    Here is the info on a Great Fund-Raiser!! Free, for the Org to Join!!
    That means ALL PROFIT @ $ 5.00 per supporter per month.


    To Get Started :
    * To Become a Fund-Raising Org CLICK ENROLL NOW FOR FREE @lower left

    In Gratitude,

    Mark A. Hagins 
    Senior Director, IA
    Business Development/Outreach
    Stream Energy / Ignite, LLC
    (404) 453-7908
    [email protected]

    p.s. Please reply to this email, to confirm receipt and feel free to reach out to me, for clarity, during your enrollment and/or anytime.

  2. Eric Hutchins on October 12, 2013 at 11:30 pm

    I LOVE that they asked you to do this. This is very cool. Great you get a chance to come back to Austin hopefully it will be something Pamela and I can be involved in.
    Some Ideas
    1. I like bike-a-thons. The MS150 is an amazing event but I think it might not be a good idea to try to mimick that
    2. When I think of Austin I think Music and Food. Maybe some tiype of festival, I am SURE you could find bands that would play for free for this type of cause, get an outdoor venue, have cycling clubs and bike shops, artists, jewlery makers pay to set up booths and to sell food and merchandise. Collect money on ticket sales and sponsorships and on fees to allow merchants to set up booths.
    3. I love fundraisers in which some needed community service gets done. Like let say there was a park in a low income part of town that was in rough shape. get a voleenteer army of cyclists that are willing to work for a day, hadr labor. Then solicit corporate sponsorship (they pay ), various companies get to put their logos upon signs as being responsible for fixing up the park. If not a park cleanup, maybe a school or something like that. (of course you need to get permissions and permits but usually thats pretty easy.) call every media outlet in town to show up and take pictures and write articles about all those cyclists out there fixing up the park.
    4. Do something that makes money and generates good will with drivers. Cyclists in bike gear washing cars. Kidding,,,,, but there has got to be something that we can do that is kind to drivers, which in turn…
    5. I have been to some pretty great dinners party auctions. Get a nice big restuarant that is willing to give you a GREAT low rate, cant pay too much. Make it a black tie type affiar, invite Lance and the whose who of Austin. Prior to the event collect donations of Prizes. Prizes are much easier to get than money donated. Prizes like artwork jewelry, dinner with famous people, trips etc etc. Then have anice dinner and auction.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike on October 14, 2013 at 7:29 am

      Thanks Eric…..all great ideas. At the moment I am leaning towards an idea that has a lot to do with your #3 suggestion. I’ll talk to you about it more once I start putting it together. Number 5 is another great one and they are already doing this. They have their Gala coming up this weekend.

  3. Malachi on October 8, 2013 at 6:48 am

    The County Historical Society here just had a silent auction and beer and wine tasteing event, but that required a physical location. Something more on line might reach more people.


    February 2023
    M T W T F S S


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