The Island in the Middle of the Mediterranean Blue – Spending Quality Time in Cyprus


The Republic of Cyprus is found off the coasts of Turkey and Syria, in the East Mediterranean Sea. It is the most populous island in the Mediterranean Sea and is known for its beaches and wine-growing regions. Include these locations in your Cyprus travel planner to get the most out of your visit to Cyprus!

Kyrenia Castle

Built by the Byzantines, this magnificent castle has had every new ruler, from Richard the Lionheart to the Ottomans, in the area add their contribution to it. The castle houses a dungeon, a cistern, a chapel and a museum and you can walk along the ramparts constructed above the harbour. You can see the four towers of the castle by walking along the hand-railed ramparts, but be careful, because going off-track can be quite dangerous!


Kyrenia Castle, Cyprus, Europe by Cevenstar

Tombs of the Kings

In this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll find yourself surrounded by ancient tombs with the sounds of waves crashing on rocks as your only companion. Though the tombs were never actually used by royalty, they gained their name from their awe-inspiring appearance. Inspired by the ancient Egyptian belief that tombs should resemble the houses of the living, the tombs are an unusual sight in Cyprus. Tomb No. 3, which is the most unique, has an open atrium surrounded by columns. Grave robbers have stripped these tombs of any treasures they may have held.


Tombs of the Kings, Cyprus, Europe by Wikipedia

Büyük Han

Büyük Han is a live example of a roadside inn where travellers could recover from a long journey, also known as a caravanserai. The centre of the Old City, the inn’s old sleeping areas has now been converted into cafes, craft workshops and other shops. During the Ottoman period, travellers and their horses could rest here, while trading their goods and socializing with other travellers. An Islamic chapel (mescit) is found in the central courtyard. The chapel is balanced over six pillars over a fountain for bathing (şadrvan), which is unique to this and two other inns in Turkey.

Archangelos Michael

This church, which is a UNESCO-listed church, is situated in Pedoulas. Found in the lower part of the village, it had brightly-painted frescos made by an artist known to the world as Adamos. The Byzantine Museum across the street houses the key to the church. The Archangel Michael, the denial of Christ, the sacrifice of Abraham, the Virgin, and Christ are all depicted on the walls of this church, not to be confused with the Church of Holy Cross found just up the road from this one.

Venetian Walls

Built by the Venetians in the early 16th century, the 15-metre high and 8-metre thick walls are found in the Old Town of Famasa, Cyprus. Surrounded by a now-waterless moat, the ramparts were unable to keep the Ottomans out in 1571. The walls have 14 bastions and 5 gates, navigable by walking around the rectangular layout to see the gorgeous view of the thriving city below.


Venetian Walls, Cyprus, Europe by Wikipedia

Though there are plenty of other sites to see in Cyprus, make sure you find an Cyprus itinerary planner that does justice to this grand land.


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