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I’m very honored to provide the blog content for the organization, Please BE KIND to Cyclists.  If you don’t know about them yet, please have a look at all the great things they are doing to support all of us cyclists.  Being involved with them has made me much more aware of the safety and prevention side of our sport, and since we don’t really tap into that area here at Loving the Bike…I’m able to learn a whole lot.

So it is with this Please BE KIND to Cyclists connection that inspired today’s post….and it goes out to all drivers and cyclists out there.

Okay, here the deal I’d like to make with y’all.  It’s really simple actually….you agree to our terms and we’ll deliver on what we pledge to do.  Is it a Deal?

As a Driver I Pledge:

  • Not to drive while under the influence of alcohal or drugs
  • Not to text, tweet, e-mail, talk, or do anything else with my phone while driving
  • To give all cyclists at least 3 feet of space
  • Not to drive while drowsy, tired, or sleepy
  • Not to throw garbage and other items out of my car
  • To follow the rules of the road

As a Cyclist I Pledge:

  • To continue to do my part for the environment by riding instead of driving
  • To bring down the cost of national health care by keeping my body in top health
  • To spread my positive vibes and attitude that comes through cycling and exercise
  • To encourage my fellow cyclists to show respect and be safe on the road
  • To follow the rules of the road
  • To be street smart on the road and make sure I make it home safely to my family and loved ones
Enjoy Your Ride

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10 Responses to “ The Pledge ”

  1. Bill on May 4, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    I would like to take this pledge. However it seems quite one-sided. I believe as cyclists we carry a greater burden and responsibility for a safe roadway. As a motorist, pilot, biker, cyclist and runner, I believe our safety is in the largest part in our own hands. Stay aware – stay safe. We can never depend on the other guy to keep us safe.
    Even on the most basic of levels, everyday I see cyclists pulling out early at a red light about to turn green, or even just blowing right through a stop sign. I see this happen far more often than I see a vehicle do the same thing. These are actions we cannot tolerate.
    As part of a pledge we cannot ask of drivers what we are unwilling to do on our part.

    Pledging to stay healthy and reduce pollution has nothing to do with the safety of our roadways and we don’t need to brag in our own pledge. We should remove points one and two and modify point three to be “• To spread the positive attitude that comes through cycling to other cyclists and motorists alike”

    We should at least add:
    • To follow the rules of the road
    • Remember that drivers are people too, and deserve the same respect and allowances we demand as cyclists
    • Not to ride while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Not to ride while drowsy, tired, or sleepy
    • Not to text, tweet, e-mail, talk, or do anything else with my phone while riding
    • To put garbage and other items in its proper receptacle

    “…you agree to our terms and we’ll deliver on what we pledge to do” sounds way to much like threat. We need to pledge to be safe and do the right thing no matter what. We won’t make any friends by making demands. If we are asking others to do something and in return we will do our part, that is an agreement not a pledge. A pledge is something we will do regardless of what others are doing.

    Get out there. Be visible. Be safe. Have fun. Be a positive example and spread the word.


    • Darryl on May 4, 2011 at 8:49 pm

      Thanks for your comments, Bill. Yes, this pledge is definitely one-sided. We like to keep things fun and light over here at Loving the Bike. This pledge wasn’t intended to be a cycling (or vehicle) advocacy article. Just a fun (and overly cocky) way of reminding the drivers out there to be a more safe. Not only to make the roads more safe for cyclists, but for everyone out there.

      A cyclist who does something dumb or un-safe usually only puts their own life in jeopardy…a driver who neglects safety, on the other hand, puts everyone in danger.

      I do agree with your points and feel that it’s up to all of us to make things safe out there.


  2. Geoff Armstrong on May 4, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    I take the pledge and promise to wear more wristbands. Clearly 3 is the magic number.

    • Darryl on May 4, 2011 at 8:50 pm

      Hahahahaha, 3 just might be the trick.

  3. PedalmanTO on May 4, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    Pledge taken.

  4. Kendall Hill on May 4, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    I’ll gladly take the pledge

  5. Mark Matthew on May 4, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    I swear, check out my blog, Lighten up Adelaide Cyclists on

    • Darryl on May 4, 2011 at 1:41 pm

      Thanks for taking the pledge, Mark. I like what you’ve got to say as well.

  6. Stevie Dexter Wynn on May 4, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    I swear

    • Darryl on May 4, 2011 at 1:42 pm

      Great photo, Stevie.


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