Top 8 Websites Bicycle Lovers Need to Know


Whether you are new to biking and looking for tips on how to select a bike, or you are looking for new routes for your weekend rides you can find pretty much anything on cycling websites and blogs. Browsing the internet, you can find out about cool new accessories, read bike reviews, find events and can even connect with other cyclists.

In this article, we are going to list some of the best cycling websites and blogs. We will also mention cycling-themed games in case you like to play on your phone or PC between spins. Casino expert Lucas Goldberg told us about such games. You can read more about Lucas by clicking here.

Bicycle casino games

Are you crazy for BMX? If you like the adrenalin rushing through your veins while doing those jumps, you will certainly love to play Bike Mania. This game is available for Canadian users through certain online casino websites. To find out which ones, you can check out casino reviews on

If you prefer video games and your thing is mountain biking, try Bike Unchained 2. The game is free and you can play against Red Bull’s athletes. There are various tracks to practice on and the game can even be played in multiplayer mode.

Cycling websites you should know about

1.    Bicycling

This website is one of the best resources you can find online. The website is based on the Bicycling magazine and it includes some of the articles from the printed edition. You will find everything about bicycles here including useful videos on bike maintenance, reviews and news about cycling races.

2.    Bike Radar

This UK website has it all covered. You can read bike, accessories and clothing reviews, fitness and nutritional advice and a handy forum section where you can discuss issues with fellow cyclists. The website has a separate section for women and beginner cyclists.

3.    Cycle Chat

On this forum style website, you can post absolutely any question you have in mind about bicycles. The site is beginner-friendly so you don’t have to feel intimidated if you are new to cycling. Cycle Chat features thousands of threads in categories such as mechanics, shopping, commuting and more.

4.    Electric Bike Report

You guessed it. This American website is all about electric bikes. You will find great guides on how to choose an electric bike, explains the mechanics of these bikes and gives tips on maintenance, care, safety and advice on how to find suitable electric bike routes.

5.    Pro Bike Kit

If you are looking for cycling accessories look no further. Probikekit is one of the best cycling gear websites in Canada. They have an incredibly great selection of clothing where you will find everything from helmets to socks. In the nutrition section, you will find tasty snacks for recovery or energy. The site boasts lots of accessories such as mudguards, bike racks or locks. They also sell tyres, wheels, saddles, pedals and more.

6.    Bicicletta is one of the best cycling shopping websites you will find in Canada. Whether you are looking for a road bike, a mountain bike or a gravel bike you will find it here. This site features premium quality bikes so the prices can be a bit steep, however, you can be sure of the quality. The site also sells clothing, accessories and bike components.

7.    Pez Cycling News

This blog of international pro cycling fans features articles and news about professional cycling. On this entertaining site, you will find pictures, videos, training and fitness tips, gear reviews, rider interviews and more.

8.    Trektravel

Check out Trektravel if you are thinking of a cycling holiday. They cover destinations in North America, Europe and Asia. Cycling through US national parks is an epic experience but if you want to combine cycling with a little bit of history pick a tour in Italy or France. Select your trip style, duration and budget and off you go.


Cycling is a popular hobby in Canada and there are tons of interesting and useful bicycle websites out there be it for inspiration, shopping, travel or seeking advice. Pick one from our list and enjoy the browsing.

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