Triple 8 Helmets for Unique Family Needs



  • Hardcore road cyclist
  • Yearning desire to be a 20 year old skateboarder
  • Forty-something who wants to look cool while riding with family


  • Dreadlock hair
  • Lover of classic cruiser bikes
  • It’s better to look good than to ride fast


  • Bike riders, skateboarders, scooter riders
  • Have a Dad who wants them to look cool and keep their heads protected
  • It’s got to be comfortable or I won’t wear it

Okay, so our family is totally a unique group of people all looking for a helmet at the same time.  So what do we do?

These days, a bicycle helmet is pretty much a standard piece of equipment that most people don’t put a lot of thought into.  But with the countless styles and options out there, the helmet buying experience is not as simple as it used to be.

As you can see in the above bios, our family is looking for something other than a generic bike helmet….and the boys from Triple Eight came to our rescue with excellent service, advice, and options.

After pitching them on our unique requirements, Brian offered up an excellent array of ideas and let me pick out what we thought would work best.  Here’s what we chose, and our thoughts about the helmet.

Dad – Gotham with MIPS

TripleeightYeah, I’m just a little spoiled so I got to go with this brand new helmet from Triple Eight.  The Gotham MIPS is a low-friction layer that is put in the helmet and it absorbs most of the rotational impact in case of a fall.  Good technology for less harm to the brain.

This helmet also has Triple Eight’s patented liner and vents for cooling off your head.  This is my first skater style helmet and it’s a total attitude adjuster for me.  When I strap on the Gotham and jump on my mountain bike, I feel as much like a kid as my kids do.  I love it.

Mom – Gotham

All those locks makes for one big head of hair, and fitting into a bike helmet is not an easy feat.  Again, we went off the suggestion of what Triple Eight felt would work best for this unique situation….and the result was beautiful.

Triple 8The Gotham has a dial on the back so it can be adjusted to fit just right.  An especially important feature for a unique situation like this.  The helmet is bigger than what she needs for her head, but adjustable to still provide a nice fit.

Kids – Dual Certified Brain Saver

Looking like cool skater/biker rockstars is important to a kid…..and a Dad, right?  Yeah, even a road cyclist like me thinks the skater style helmet is so much better for kids.

Triple Eight

The Dual Certified Brain Saver is designed for cycling and skateboarding so they can use one helmet for all their activities.  That makes things easy for them, and keeps our bike shed less crowded.  Best of all, with a name like Brain Saver it makes me feel like their heads are safe.

How does everyone feel about their new Triple Eight helmets?

Dad“I love the look and the helmet fits great.  I wasn’t sure what the MIPS technology was all about, but I can honestly feel what it’s intended to help with.”

Mom“It fits my hair!!!”

Kids “They are amazing.  They fit perfectly on our heads.”



Enjoy Your Ride
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  1. Paul Kirby on May 11, 2016 at 3:48 am

    Cool. I’ll check ’em out. I’ve got a kid that needs a new helmet.


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