What type of bicycle to choose?


While choosing a bicycle can be a source of happiness for the most passionate, beginners or casual cyclists can easily get lost in the face of the wide variety of offers and existing models. This little guide is for the latter, how to have it a little clearer? How to choose your bicycle well? The choice of a bicycle depends above all on what you are going to use it for. Pedaling around the city, the countryside, the mountain? Are you going to go out regularly and do great distances? First you have to ask yourself what you need and then choose your bike:

Go up

The off-road bicycle is, as its name suggests, the ideal bicycle to go on an adventure outside the city and on well-trodden paths. Currently there are many bicycles for different types of practices and uses. But which one to choose? Do I need a big fork? A bicycle with suspension, a lightweight MTB, with big tires?

For both family trips and sporting trips, MTBs usually have a front fork and do not have a rear suspension. The front fork offers comfort by cushioning the roughness of the ground. The rigid fork is lighter, but less expensive.

For the rear suspension (on a bicycle “with full suspension”), the shock absorber in the frame has the advantage of greater comfort in very rough terrain, but its disadvantage is its price, weight and the loss of a little power in the pedaling.

Thus, when pedaling, we exert a pressure on the pedal that advances the bicycle, but also compresses the shock absorber: it is the so-called pumping effect. A bicycle with full suspension is interesting if you pedal through difficult terrain. This type may be expensive and if you do not have enough money, you are advised to take loans online.

Bicycles are put to the test and must be very solid.

It is better to opt for a bicycle with disc brakes, because in the big descents they have better performance than the «V-brake» brakes. It is also better a bicycle with large front and rear suspensions (more than 100 mm, ideally 150 or more).

About freeriding

Freeriding is a very dangerous practice, do not try to overcome obstacles or clues that make you doubt! We also recommend the use of an “integral” helmet because you can easily fall. If you pedal as much by the city as by the field, you go by asphalt and you travel small ways, the off-road bicycle is the bicycle that you need. For those who want to practice sports and leisure without getting tired in the bike outings, the BTC will take you everywhere, as it is a multipurpose bicycle.

Pedaling on roads and highways

Pedaling on roads and highways, your tire is more likely to find a thorn or small stones that can puncture your air chamber. Do not forget to take with you the necessary material to repair a possible puncture (levers of covers, patches, air chamber …).

City bicycle

If you want to go to work by bicycle, go shopping, go see your friends, always on the road, do not hesitate, the city bike is for you!

These bikes have large wheels and fairly thin tires, which is perfect for riding comfortably and easily on the asphalt. You can add a basket or saddlebags to carry your things; the bike is comfortable and is usually well equipped. City bikes must be practical and effective!

Enjoy Your Ride
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