What You Need for a Successful Cycling Vacation


Cycling is one of the richest sources for maintaining excellent health and a lot of you  are already doing it daily. Many of you also prefer a jubilant cycling vacation to roaming about in cars whenever possible.

At the same time, it is always necessary to make your trip facilitated and memorable by carrying all the required equipment with you. A lot of people do not enjoy their cycling vacation to the fullest just because they lack a number of required things with them.

If you are new to your cycling vacation, you may not be aware of what to carry and what not to. Actually, it is largely a matter of choice and experience as to what you have to pack along. This must not be as much as a jeep trailer may carry along but must be sufficient enough as to be carried on a bicycle. Here, we have detailed what you actually require for a successful cycling vacation.

Usually, you may buy your food stuff on your route but, occasionally, it may happen that you find the shops closed due to some national or religious holiday. Hence, it is very wise that you carry some of the instantly prepared food items with you in your panniers. These items may include tea bags, milk powder, a couple of dehydrated emergency foods, etc. You should also leave some space in your panniers for what you buy on the way. Besides, you must also carry along some cooking tips and your favourite recipes.  Keeping these stored on your phone is a good idea.

The Bicycle
This must always be excellent, for your bike or bicycle is the central figure of your whole trip. Its specification must be quite up to the mark but the following additions will make it just perfect for your purpose. Many of these requisites can be easily available at tuff stuff 4×4.
• 1 cycle computer
• 1 bottle cage
• 2 sports packers plus front panniers
• 1 suspension seat post
• 2 bike packers plus rear panniers plus
• 1 saddle

Personal Kit
Cycling vacations or trips often fall in summer but if they happen to be in winter, you will have to include some warmer gear as well. Your personal kit must contain the following essentials so as to facilitate you fully well.

• 2 pairs each of cycling shorts, tops and socks.
• 1 pair each of cycling shoes, waterproof overshoes, waterproof pants and gloves, zip off trousers and cycling sun glasses.
• 1 cycle helmet with cover and 1 waterproof top.
• 1 short sleeve shirt, an underwear and a swimming costume.
• 1 travel towel and 1 wash kit including a toothbrush, a toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, a razor, soap, etc.
• 1 light weight insulated jacket.
• 1 fleece top.
• 1 wrist watch

Bicycle Repair and Maintenance Kit
The range of this kit depends upon your expertise at bicycle repair and the area you select for your cycling vacations. Anyways, you must have with you the following basic repair kit.

Basic Repair kit
• An extra inner tube and a spare folding tire.
• A puncture repair kit with at least 8 patches and a new bottle of glue.
• Multi tool kit containing a chain tool, tire irons, a spoke wrench, a screw driver, 2-3-4-5-6 mm Allen wrenches, 8-9-10 mm spanners and a pair of pliers.
• A small bottle of general lube.
• A selection of cable ties.
• A length of thin strong cord in order to lash the broken racks back together.
• 1 spoke repair kit.
• A selection of nuts and bolts.
• A service kit for the hydraulic brakes.

Other kit
• Maps and a waterproof map case.
• A digital camera, memory cards and battery chargers.
• A pair of binoculars.
• A notepad and a pen.
• Your passport, travel insurance documents, EHIC, ATM and credit cards.
• 2 bike cables and locks.
• A first-aid kit.
• A sun- block and an insect repellant.
• Washing powder for laundry.
• 1 Nylon bike cover.

Camping Equipment
It may happen that you have to stay in a wasteland or a hilly forest on your way. In that case, you must have the required arrangements which may include the followings.
• 1 groundsheet.
• 2 sleeping bags with their inners.
• One each of sleeping mats, blow-up pillows, plastic plates, plastic mugs, small LED torches.
• One each of battery stoves, cooking sets, folding spatulas, sharp knives, match boxes and gas lighters.

Read more about camping equipment.

So, this is the bare minimum requirement for you to enjoy your cycling vacations in a jubilant way. But, this is not a compulsory parameter; you may plus or minus your own choice as per your requirement.

Enjoy Your Ride
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