Why Cycling is Great for Your Sleep


Cycling has been a favorite sport for many people – to some; it’s actually the only sport. Here, I stand guilty. I have been cycling since the day my father held me on my first ride – there was just no quitting for me. As years passed, not only did I realize the kind of health benefits the sport had on me in terms of a great physique, I also realized I have never had challenges sleeping unless I’m sick which is very rare. I only realized this after hearing my sister enviously complaining of my super-power nature on countless occasions.

At first, I thought it was just normal until I joined campus and slackened on the practice. I was in a hospital for a whole week during the second month of my first year after a severe flu attack! It was at this point that I realized how deeply engrossed I was in my sport. I decided to fully accept my nature and went ahead to purchase my ‘campus ride’. The rest is history!

Why Cycling Exactly?

You could opt to do just about any other sport to keep fit and healthy. As a matter of fact, physical exhaustion is always good for the body since, at the end of the day, the body goes into a deep state of rest and relaxation as new energy seeps in. You will realize you sleep better especially those days that you’ve worked yourself properly. But why exactly are we so specific in recommending cycling?

Cycling has an effect on the general performance of the body. It might be a physical sport, but I can attest to improved IQ levels for most cyclists and even better decision making both at work and school for me. Reports also show increased muscle strength and added flexibility amongst better joint mobility. Moreover, it also is an amazing way to burn body fat while strengthening the bones. As you would have guessed, cycling also goes a long way to prevent and manage diseases.

It doesn’t end there: riders are able to keep and maintain their circadian rhythm in sync especially when riding on a regular basis. This not only improves cardiovascular fitness, but it also improves sleep. Furthermore, since riding has the ability to reduce levels of cortisol – the stress hormone – you can be sure you won’t be kept at night by unnecessary thoughts. Reports also indicate a positive effect on brain serotonin which in turn promotes a deep sleep.

Other Benefits

Would you prefer to walk some miles to work or actually save a few minutes and ride? Look at it from another angle: if you decide to purchase a car, you’re not doing such a great justice to Mother Nature now, are you? On the other hand, if everyone was to leave his or her car in their garage to employ some cycling services, imagine how sexy that would be on our roads, economical and convenient to nature. So guess what, the minute you’ve decided to get yourself a bike and stay true to it, that’s the very same minute you’ve taken your first step towards saving our planet.

If you’re aiming for longer nights and sounder sleep, cycling could just be the fun and fantastic option that’ll work for you in the long run. However, sleeping on the right bed should also not be ignored since every sleeper is usually ascribed to a particular type of bed. It makes the late night tossing and turning go down to a significantly lower level. It wouldn’t be wise to physically exhaust yourself the whole day and yet again exhaust your body the whole night through restlessness. The last piece of advice, make sure you go for your kind of ride – the kind of bike that will have you hopelessly hooked.

Enjoy Your Ride
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