Loving the BITE: Obtain Your Goal Strength:Weight (Plus APEX Giveaway)

Here’s your chance to achieve success with your strength to weight ratio goals, and improve your cycling performance.

It’s been said that a goal without a plan is just a wish.  Last year, during the “off-season,” and throughout the year in my posts, I’ve provided tips for eating healthy, fueling yourself well on the bike, losing fat, and meeting/maintaining weight goals year-round.  This year, I’d like to give you the exact plan to do so.

In fact, I’ll be giving one full nutrition program away to a Loving the Bike reader today, and offering a great discount for everyone else who’d like to start 2014 with a bang.

In my experience in helping countless athlete clients improve strength to weight ratio, there are a few key elements for a weight loss plan for athletes.  Here’s my recipe for success, and one you can use to meet your own goals:


Loving the Bite Recipe of the Week: Reach & Maintain Your Lean & Strong Goal Weight


  • The Right Mindset for Change
  • Specific Long-term and Short-Term Goals
  • Plan for Eating – Daily Eating and Training Nutrition
  • Off-Season Workout/Training Plan
  • Action


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