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Loving the BITE: Obtain Your Goal Strength:Weight (Plus APEX Giveaway)

December 19, 2013
Loving the BITE: Obtain Your Goal Strength:Weight (Plus APEX Giveaway)

Here’s your chance to achieve success with your strength to weight ratio goals, and improve your cycling performance. It’s been said that a goal without a plan is just a wish.  Last year, during the “off-season,” and throughout the year in my posts, I’ve provided tips for eating healthy, fueling yourself well on the...
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I’m Thankful for Kelli Jennings

May 20, 2011
I’m Thankful for Kelli Jennings

In all honesty, I’m thankful for the whole Loving the Bike Team. But I wanted to single out our resident Nutrition expert today as my way of thanking her for all the goodness she has brought to our sites. Kelli Jennings and I met almost one year ago exactly.  She was working as a nutrition...
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Sugar Alternatives for Energy and Hydration

Question: I am using the homebrew sugar formulations (sometimes added to green tea).  I am also trying to wean myself off 1/2 dose adrenalean “lip tonic delivery system” (biorhythm brand- caffeine, hoodia g, synephrine, yohimbe) capsule for energy.

My question is other than juice, can you suggest modifications in lieu of table sugar for energy and hydration.


Both raw/organic honey or agave can work great in the homebrew (substitute in the same quantities for the sugar, or to taste), but you do have to shake well in order to make sure they don’t settle out.  Have you tried either of these?  Also, make sure to use at least the minimum amount of salt recommended in the homebrew as the temps rise, you need the sodium replacement if you’re sweating.

Sports Drink Homebrew

Please send us your questions for our Expert Sports Nutritionist, Kelli Jennings to “Ask the Sports Nutritionist“. Kelli Jennings is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for healthy eating, wellness, & sports nutrition. For more information go to

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