The nominations round of Crank was held so that we could select the top 5 blogs to be in for the voting.  This way we were able to provide contenders who were selected by cycling blog fans and peers.  We felt this opened up the possibility of all cycling blogs to be in for the running, and put all blogs on a pretty equal playing field.  

We've had hundreds of different cycling blogs nominated, and now things get serious with the top 5 battling it out for top dog status.  Please be sure to vote for your favorite blog in each category....if there is a blog you're not familiar with, check them out and see what they have to offer.  

If one of these blogs is yours, be sure to get your fans and fellow bloggers to vote.  You're all deserving of being crowned the Best Cranked blog in your category, so good luck to all of you.  This is going to be fun.  

The Voting closes on Saturday June 6th with results being posted on June 11th.  

Crank It Up.


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