Make it Happen Monday: The Cycling Monk


You don’t have to be a Tibetan Monk in order to know where you come from and what you stand for.  We all know ourselves better than anyone else… but what is necessary is a constant connection with this identity.  All of us are cyclists, and that alone speaks a lot of the kind of person we are….but we’re so much more than that.  It is so easy to lose sight of ourselves and focus our attention on what lies outside.  It is much easier to learn, watch, and get to know the world we live in then it is to become closer with who we are.  Do you feel me?  We strive to get closer to a distant world, and stray from getting to know that which lies within us.

Are you living true to yourself and staying in touch with the real you?  Okay, today’s post might just be a little deep for a cycling lifestyle website…but it’s been on my mind and I wanted to share some thoughts today.

When it comes to honesty, our minds initially seem to turn to the thought of lying.  While this is often the case, I would suggest that it goes deeper then that.  I’m not sure if dishonesty is the best word to describe it, but I would compare many occurrences in daily life to that of being not totally honest….let me explain.

We are programmed to act and respond in many ways, and one common one is the automatic response of “Good, how are you?” after being greeted with a “Hi, how are you doing?”.  This is a kind gesture on both accounts, but how many times do you really mean it?  What’s even more interesting is that we often don’t even listen for the response to this question.  I overheard a greeting the other day where one man asked another how he was doing.  The second man replied “Awful”, and the first replied with the conditioned “That’s good”.


How about when we say we will do something that we have no intention of following through with, but we say it because we are not brave enough to say something the other person doesn’t want to hear.  I’m not sure about you, but I seem to have a hard time saying no to others.  But over the years I’ve worked on this and it’s now easier to say it.  I’ve learned that in situations where I know I cannot follow through with something I need to say no, and stick to my word.  It’s not a negative response at all….but an honorable way to stick to my word.

The next time you catch yourself about to make a statement that you know you won’t follow through with, stay true to what you’re really feeling and see how much less stressful you feel when you can leave that situation knowing you didn’t promise something you won’t deliver.

Whoa, now I’m feeling like the Tibetan Monk.  We’re cyclists, dang it…..and I know we’re all strong enough to stay true to ourselves, to speak honest and heartfelt words, and to continue making the world a better place with each pedal stroke.  Stay true to yourself….and keep on riding.


Enjoy Your Ride

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