The Bikes of Georgetown, Penang

Darryl gave me grief last week for sending him a video of me biking around the area, when it looks like any other area in the states, so Sunday I made it a mission to photograph as many cyclists around Penang as I could.  During the week I rarely leave my fortress, so it’s very easy to get sucked into a feeling of isolation, and the weekends is when I’m reminded that I’m in another country, far away from home.

A few things you’ll notice in the pictures is that I didn’t get a shot of one cyclist in the usual spandex garb.  They’re out there, but generally earlier in the day when it’s not so hot out.  Mid-day, it’s more likely to be folks using bikes as primary transport, or families who rent and are riding around the city.  Another is that few wear helmets while riding through some pretty heavy traffic.  As in the states, I’ve found that it feels safer to ride in heavy traffic at low speeds in the city, than in the boonies with fewer cars traveling faster.  Anyone else feel that way?


A view towards the Gurney area of Penang, with a lot of modern retail and residences.




Folding bikes are very popular here. In the local electronics store you can actually buy folding carbon road bikes.


You also see tourists riding around downtown Georgetown in trishaws.


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